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Construction Trades Academy

Knowing that some workers first learn a trade while on the job,
attending the Construction
Trades Academy
gives students a tremendous
advantage when entering the workforce or moving on to college or a
specialized technical school. Whether focusing on carpentry,
electricity, plumbing/HVAC or welding/fabrication, students develop the
skills necessary to
create, assemble, install, maintain and repair. They also gain
valuable experience through work in the classrooms, shops, the
Student-Built House and at other work sites.

Unique to BOCES, the Student-Built House has evolved into an on-site
“green technologies lab” where students learn the intricacies of solar
panels, photovoltaic (solar) shingles, geothermal heating, compost
heating and radiant floor heating. There is a growing emphasis on
“green energy,” causing an increased demand for highly trained
tradespeople, and instruction at the Construction Trades Academy
prepares students for these career opportunities.